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  • Where is our post office?

    10109 Lake Creek Parkway, Austin

  • How do I report stolen/damaged/opened mail?

    You should report it through the USPS.

  • Mailbox Keys

    If you’re a new homeowner, the previous owner should have provided a key so the first step would be to contact them. You may also want to go to our local post office and ask them for a key (as a security measure, you may also ask they rekey the box). Be prepared to show photo identification as well as proof of residence.

    If you’ve lost a key and need a replacement, the USPS may charge a fee or refer you to a locksmith.

  • Notices of Mail Delivery

    Is it worthwhile to trek down to the community mailbox only to find it stuffed with junk mail? You can sign up for informed delivery and receive daily notices from the USPS on your deliveries.

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  • Assessed property values

    The Williamson Country Appraisal District website has complete information on your home’s values.

  • Property Tax Appeals and Exemptions

    Williamson County offers a variety of ways you can reduce your property taxes — homestead exemption, over 65 exemption, disabled veterans exemption, and disabled person exemptions. You can learn more about these programs here.

    If you think the appraisal for your home is too high, you can also appeal the valuation by following the links on that page. (There are also some firms which will do everything for you in exchange for a share of what they save.