How Do I?



Note: Some answers require you logon as a resident. This is done to preserve privacy of members (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.).

Trailhead Park (including pool area, courts, playground):


  • Get a permit to leave a car overnight at the curb?

    Per section 3.15 of the DCCRs states: “No automobiles or other vehicles may be parked overnight on any roadway within the Property. Contact our management company and make arrangements through them if you have a need to park a vehicle on the street for an extended period.

  • Contest a parking violation notice I received?

    Contact our management company and explain the situation to them. You can also appear at the monthly board meeting and appeal there.

  • Find out how many cars can be parked on my property?

    The DCCR has additional language that states: “Each single family residential structure constructed within the Property shall have garage space sufficient to house all vehicles to be kept on the Lot. Owners shall not keep more than two (2) automobiles in such manner as to be visible from any other portion of the Property for any period in excess of seventy-two (72) hours.”

  • Get a permit to leave a car overnight at Trailhead Park?

    There currently is no permit system. Contact the management company if you have questions. Here’s the Parking Policy.


  • Find the restrictions on daytime parking?

    The HOA has no restrictions on daytime parking. [Note: City of Austin requires you park in the direction of traffic.]

  • Park my boat/trailer/RV and remain in compliance with the HOA requirements?

    Per the covenants and restrictions:,

    Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, trailers, graders, trucks other than pickups, boats, tractors, campers, wagons, busses, motorcycles, motor scooters, and garden maintenance equipment shall be kept at all times, except when in actual use, in enclosed structures or screened from view and no repair or maintenance work shall be done on any of the foregoing, or on any automobile (other than minor emergency repairs), except in enclosed garages or other structures.

  • Find the policies and covenants related to parking?

    DCCRs Parking Policy, Section 3.14
    Trailhead Park Parking Policy



Changing My Home/Yard:

  • Find the restrictions on changing the external appearance of my home?

    The general rules for modifying your property are contained in Article III of our covenants and restrictions. Additional restrictions apply for specific modifications (e.g., adding solar panels).

    Generally speaking, there is latitude for doing things like adding or changing flower beds, making minor variations in the main and trim colors of your home, etc. If there’s any doubt, it’s best to at least consult with the Architecture Committee (see Playgroups and Committees.)


  • Contest a violation notice I received?

    Contact the management company, and explain your situation.

  • Get approval for adding a structure (shed or playscape) to my yard?

    It’s best to first consult with the chair of the Architecture Review Committee (see Playgroups and Committees)to see if an approval will even be required. If one is needed, complete this form and follow its directions.

  • Make sure my new solar panels will comply with HOA restrictions?

    No approval is required to install solar panels, but you must comply with the Solar Panel Policy

  • Make sure my portable basketball goal complies with HOA restrictions?

    Basketball Goal Rules

  • Get approval for adding security cameras to my property?

    As with any change to your property visible from the street, you must first submit an Architectural Approval Request Form and comply with the Security Camera Policy

HOA Committees and Groups:

  • Learn about or join a committee, playgroup, or club? Playgroups and Committees
  • Learn about our Spring/Fall garage sales or join the Garage Sale Committee?

    Playgroups and Committees See “Garage Sale”

  • Protest a committee’s decision?

    Contact the Board, explain your situation.



  • Learn about events, meetings, and activities associated with the HOA?

    Check our calendar! We have lots of fun activities for everyone.


  • Get on the neighborhood email list?

    You can do so by filling out the form on this website or by going to our management company’s website. 

  • Obtain a copy of the covenants and restrictions?

    The list is here.

  • Run for HOA office?

    No forms are required – just attend the meeting where the election will take place.

  • Contact a Board member? Board Members
  • Get on the agenda for a Board meeting?

    Contact the Board


  • See the HOA meeting minutes?

    HOA Board Meeting Minutes

  • See the HOA financial records?

    Some financial documents are maintained by our management company on their portal. Look under “My Documents” and, from there, select “Financial Reports”. Others (like tax returns) require that you contact our management company and make an appointment to view the materials in person. A fee will be charged.

  • View the HOA’s service contracts?

    Per our management company, you must send them letter stating that you want to see this material. They will contact you and arrange an appointment to do so. A fee will be charged.

  • Report a violation of the covenants and restrictions?

    Contact our management company.

  • Get the covenants and restrictions changed?

    See Article 13 of the Bylaws (pg 25)

  • View the HOA’s confidential documents?

    Certain documents (e.g., service contracts) are held in trust for the HOA by our management company. Per Texas state law (see 209.005), these documents must be made available to residents who may read or copy them. See our “Document Retention Policy” for details on how to obtain these materials.

Utilities and City/County Information:

  • Find my lawn watering schedule?

    City of Austin watering schedule

  • Get registered to vote?

    There are a number of Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrars in Davis Spring who can be contacted via social media. You can also go to the City of Austin for more details.

  • Validate that I’m registered to vote?

    Am I Registered?

  • Find out where to vote?

    Williamson County Voting Locations

  • Get help with my mailbox keys?

    If you’re a new homeowner, the previous owner should have provided a key so the first step would be to contact them. You may also want to go to the post office on Lake Creek Parkway and ask them for a key (as a security measure, you may also ask they rekey the box). Be prepared to show photo identification as well as proof of residence.

    If you’ve lost a key and need a replacement, the USPS may charge a fee or refer you to a locksmith.


  • Get notices of mail delivery?

    Is it worthwhile to trek down to the community mailbox only to find it stuffed with junk mail? You can sign up for “Informed Delivery” and receive daily notices from the USPS on your deliveries.

  • Contact the utility company?
  • Find out what the refuse collection schedule is for my home?

    COA Refuse Collection Schedule

  • Find out what can go in my recycling container?

    Residential Recycling Guidelines

  • Report a problem with refuse collection?

    Leave the missed items at the curb and either call Austin Resource Recovery at 3-1-1 or contact them by e-mail. Be sure to give your location, phone number, and what was missed).

  • Report failure of a street light?

    North of Neenah: The phone number for Pedernales Electric customers can be found here under the ‘Light Repair’ tab. Or visit your Smarthub account. Results using their listed 888 number have been inconsistent. You can also try 512-778-5470.)

    South of Neenah: City of Austin customers: Go to COA 311. Click on the ‘Services’ tab, then ‘Request a City Service’ to get the menu of items. Select ‘Street Light Issue’. (From your app store: ‘Austin 311’.) Attach the streetlight pole number (see badge on the pole) for faster results.

  • Report a problem with roads and traffic signals?

    Austin 311 – Request Service

  • Report a problem animal at large?

    COA Loose Dog Report

  • Report a dead animal in the street?

    COA Dead Animal Removal

  • Find information on my assessed property values?

    You can find this information on the Williamson County Appraisal District website. The information will contain appraisal information for your home and all the tax districts which affect it. See WCAD websitee.

  • Lower my property taxes?

    Williamson County offers a variety of ways you can reduce your property taxes — homestead exemption, over 65 exemption, disabled veterans exemption, and disabled person exemptions. You can learn more about these programs here.

    If you think the appraisal for your home is too high, you can also appeal the valuation by following the links on that page. (There are also some firms which will do everything for you in exchange for a share of what they save.

  • Find crime statistics for the area?

    The City of Austin Police provide the public portion of some police reports here:  APD Incident Report Database