Draft Minutes from Annual HOA Board Meeting – February 18, 2020

Davis Spring Residential Property Owners Association, Inc.  

 Annual Membership Meeting

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

6:30 p.m. Sign-in, Meeting begins at 7 p.m.

Lord of Life Lutheran Church 

9700 Neenah Ave, Austin TX, 78717


Attendees:  Kristina Magaha (President), Bob Podnar (Vice President), Megan Molleur (Secretary), Cindy Perez (Treasurer), Jennifer Payne (Real Manage), Christine Gamache (Real Manage), Ben Lancaster (RMWBH).

President Magaha called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

Welcome and Introductions

  • Introduction of Board members and RealManage employees in attendance.

Roll Call/Certifying of Proxies/Proof of Notice of Meeting

  • A sign-in sheet verified a roll call of the members.  Of the 570 members of record as of February 18, 2020, 33 attended, 29 voted and 165 voted by proxy.  The Requirement for Quorum of 10% or 57 was met.
  • RealManage maintains the corporate records of the Association.  Proxies, Ballots, Proof of Notice and Sign-in sheet are filed.

Reading and Approval of Meeting Minutes from 2019 Annual Meeting (February 19, 2019) (Secretary motioned for approval, Vice President seconded the motion; Motion passed)

Reports from Board of Directors and Officers

  • Treasurer gave report.

Manager’s Report

  • Jennifer Payne of RealManage introduced Christine Gamache of RealManage as her replacement.  
  • Christine Gamache presented the Manager’s Report.

Committee Reports

  • Committee Members present gave their updates.
  • ARC: Follow policies.
  • Playgroup: Playground Opening party coming soon.
  • Traffic: Discussion of the Quarter Cent Fund.
  • Website: Implementation of changes coming soon.
  • Zoning: Mobility bond to widen Parmer; 45 to 1431.  New high school coming.

Nomination & Election of Two (2) Board of Directors for Two (2) Year Term

  • Amanda Mock
  • Masha Davis
  • Bob Podnar
  • George Warriner, removed name from ballot

Unfinished or New Business

Consideration of adequacy of reserves; and Election Results, Homeowner Forum

  • Amanda Mock and Masha Davis elected as new board members.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:17 p.m. (President motioned for adjournment; Vice President seconded the motion; Motion passed)  

Prepared by:    Megan Molleur, Secretary