December Book Club

Please join us for December Book Club Tuesday Dec 10th, 7pm at Elyse Reed’s house, 14501 Olive Hill.  As always, please bring a small snack to share and whatever you would like to drink.

**Let’s play the holiday gift game we’ve done several times (thanks Laura for introducing us to it!)  Please pick a few things from your house that aren’t using or want to get rid of, wrap them up and we’ll throw them in the pile to play with.  Please, please, please do not go out and buy anything!  Basically anything goes – I’ve seen everything from tea to paintings!  I’ve actually started to collect things to use for this game (who’s excited for a Walmart branded badge pull!) This game is a blast and the more gifts we have, the more fun it is!  Don’t forget to wrap your items or put them in bags!**

Our last book of the year is the Emperor of All Maladies!

For 2020 we will be doing something a bit different, incorporating podcasts, documentaries/movies/limited series and of course books!  Please be thinking about things that you have loved this year that might be good for the group!