Recent Burglary

Recently a Davis Spring Resident, Mike Duffy, who lives at the corner of Cassandra and Galena Drive, home was broken into on Wednesday 5/1/19. Mr. Duffy believes the incident occurred sometime between 3 pm and 6 pm. The intruder entered through a window they broke at the back of his house and stole several valuable items. Mr. Duffy has reported this to the police but they are requesting the more information. He is in search of anyone who could provide him with additional information. Perhaps you saw something suspicious or out of the norm that could be helpful. Any information you have, please forward to Mike at

We encourage residents of Davis Spring to report crimes to our local police department. You may report crimes to the Davis Spring HOA Board of Directors but not lieu of contacting the authorities. Davis Spring HOA is not responsible for the safety and security of residents or their personal property.