Minutes from the Board’s March 12th Meeting

Davis   Spring  H.O.A.  

Board Meeting

Tuesday March 12, 2019;   Time   7:00-9:00 pm

St. Vincent de Paul 

9500 Neenah Avenue, Portable #1

Austin, TX   78717


Attendees:  Kristina Magaha (Vice President), Bob Podnar (Treasurer), Megan Molleur (Board Member), Cindy Perez (Board Member), Jennifer Payne (Real Manage), Joseph Ristuccia (Real Manage), Clint Brown (HOA attorney), Frank Maulit (Website), George Warriner (Traffic), Marc Fraser (Playground), Paul Hanson (Lifeguard4hire), Mike Robinson (Lifeguard4hire), Denise Sweeney (Resident), Ted Klinker (Resident), Brett Pearson (Resident), Marshall Tanner (Resident), Brigido Mireles (Resident), Ron Friedman (Resident), Mark Harkrider (EliteTurfcare), Joy Warriner (Resident), Alan Crudden (Resident), Rocco Pelosi (Resident).


  • Selection of new board member positions
    • Kristina Magaha, President
    • Bob Podnar, Vice President
    • Megan Molleur, Secretary
    • Cindy Perez, Treasurer

Manager’s Report

  • Board approved bid to do audit ($1,500), auditor has been previously used for taxes
  • The 5-year annuity ($117k) term ended in January; money available for major expenditures (pool, playground, irrigation, pool pump)

Committee Reports

  • Architectural Review – Report from Prashant Gadgil  
    • Discussed the need for continuity regarding fencing, garage doors, solar panels, landscaping, etc       
  • Children’s playgroup– Open
  • Garage Sale– May 18th, to correspond with Lord of Life BBQ
  • Landscaping– Open
    • Report from Mike Harkrider, Elite TurfCare
      • Need to contact city about irrigation system status on Neenah (from Olive Hill to Pearson Ranch)
      • Resending bid on major Parmer irrigation leak fix
    • Initial bid for Altona/Neenah entrance is $2,500 — Need to discuss different types of landscaping (zero scaping, native plants, etc.)
  • Playground– Report from Marc Fraser
    • In process of obtaining survey
    • Will obtain more bids for playground and keep residents apprised
    • Pea gravel v. engineered wood fiber
    • Plastic, wood or concrete borders
  • Pool– 
    • Report from Paul with Lifeguard 4 Hire
      • Addresses pump room issues, i.e. leaks, overcrowding – going to gut pump room and re-build
      • Went through spring break opening checklist (open March 16th for one week)
    • Discussed age to be unsupervised at pool needing to be changed from under 18 to under 14 years old
    • Pool parking lot lights need to be assessed
    • Basketball backboards’ condition needs to be assessed
  • Social– No report from Shelley
  • Neighborhood watch – Open
    • Association attorney instructed us to retire this committee
  • Zoning/AdHoc Traffic– Report from George Warriner
    • APD has been very responsive regarding speeding on Neenah
    • Our HOA can purchase a speed sign if we wish
    • Striping is scheduled then signage to follow
  • Website– Frank Maulit
    • Alan Crudden assisting — looking to automate overnight Parking waiver — board will put issue on future agenda

Old business

  • Review Real Maintenance monthly charges- will keep monitoring

New Business

  • Board discussed a tracking spreadsheet to address board improvements and best practices
  • Division of officer duties: need point people for certain items

Resident Forum

Executive Session

No action taken