Minutes from Board’s January Meeting

Davis   Spring H.O.A.   Board

Tuesday January 15, 2019;   Time 6:30pm

Real   Manage  Business  Office

9601   Amberglen,   Suite 150

Austin,   TX 78729


Attendees:  Karen McGrath (President), Kristina Magaha (Vice President), Bob Podnar (Treasurer), Frank Maulit (Secretary), Al Martin (Zoning and Development), Jennifer Payne (RealManage), George Warriner (Resident), Ron Meredeith (Resident), Ted Klinker (Resident), Brigado Mireles (Resident), Alan Crudden (Resident), Marshall Tanner (Resident)


  • Live oak tree by pool – composting performed by Heritage on 1/9, fertilization 1/10, 4/4 Second treatment, 10/2 Next treatment.
  • Well water test – Jennifer can ask Heritage to see who can get a water test.
  • Front entrance coloring – healthy and colorful
  • Discussed Terry Cook email regarding contractors
  • Karen will connect Elite Turfcare to City of Austin to understand city completion date so the irrigation work can begin.
  • Tunnel Under Neenah – Irrigation will be done after the trees are installed.

Neighborhood Watch

  • Mystery Corolla – gone

Garage Sale


  • Swing Removed
  • Board approved motion to fund the playground removal by TF Harper.
  • Playground – two different quotes received.  
  • Need to investigate if playground can be expanded towards Neenah.
  • Kristina/Frank to create a survey to community regarding playground options


  • Trailhead park restroom renovation postponed until playground replaced
  • Pool small improvements – Board requesting mirror replacement & paint.
  • Kiddie pool flooring options – Board asking LG4H to recommend a surface.
  • LG4H – rings will be replaced closer to opening.  
  • Caulking will be included during the replacement of the deck  
  • Board requesting that the deck be inspected.
  • Door gate handle – got one bid for $1893.  

Zoning and Development

  • Neenah’s done.  30mph sign heading east needs to be replaced.  CoA needs to finish striping from Calaveras to Olive Hill.

Treasurer’s Report

  • 2 emails received about increased dues.

Manager’s Report

  • Annuity up this month.  Will be transferred to cash account.
  • Underside of Bridge Painting will be done this week.
  • Merrell Services will finish up the tree this week.  Needs to demo the light halfway between Calaveras and Parmer – will be done this weekend

Old business

New Business

  • Feb 19 Meeting – TXDOT and Flannigan coming.
  • Online Voting tabled – may revisit next year.  
  • Drainage at the park… some large holes created.  Sidewalk leading to the pool, pipes full of dirt. Ask Elite Turfcare or hire a company like RotoRooter
  • Ask Elite Turfcare to create bid for Neenah/Altona Entrance landscaping
  • Tunnel overhead light out – will have Merrell Services will take a look

Resident Forum

Executive Session

No action taken

Greetings from your new secretary,

I look forward to meeting you all.

Have a great week,