Trailhead Park Restrooms Survey

Hello Neighbors,

The HOA board has created a poll that will allow you to select and prioritize options that you would like to see added, updated or removed from the Trailhead Park Restrooms Renovations that could begin later this year. Please use the link provided to take the Survey Monkey poll ( regarding the upcoming renovations of the Trailhead Park restrooms.

The restroom renovations will at the minimum include:

– new paint
– new countertops
– new mirrors
– polished concrete flooring
– new panels for the stalls

The initial bid for the renovations listed above came in at $18k, which is $6k above what had been previously allocated in long term budget planning.

However, if there are additional features in the survey that would be popular with the residents, we’d like to find the funds to make those updates happen.

The survey will close on September 1st. Don’t delay, take the survey TODAY! 

If you have questions or additional suggestions, feel free as always to email

Thanks for your help!

        -Karen(Pres), Kristina (VP), Frank (Sec.), Bob (Treas.), and Barry (Pool Committee Chair)