Neenah Construction Updates July 27, 2018

Progress this Week:

  • Smith Contracting:
    • Completed excavation and poured the retaining wall and footing along the north
      side of drainage area.
    • Backfilled the south side retaining wall between the new 12’ x 4’ box culvert and
      the existing box culvert in front of Holy Family School.
    • Pond improvements continued.
    • Formed and placed concrete for the west side of driveway #2.
    • Placed silt fence and tree protection from driveway #4 to the east.
    • Continued clearing the ROW for Phase IV work.

Two Week Schedule:

  • Smith Contracting:
    • Continue pond improvement work.
    • Continue Swale A excavation.
    • Complete Wall S construction.
    • Complete the Holy Family School driveway improvements.
    • Continue Phase IV work.

Lane Closures:

  • None scheduled.

General Notes:

  • Residents in Davis Springs have been notified of upcoming work.
  • All work mentioned above is contingent upon weather conditions.