November Minutes

DSHOA Board Meeting Minutes

ovember 15, 2016

Real Manage Conference Room

9601 Amberglen, Suite 1250

Meeting called to order at 6:01pm, adjourned at 7:48pm by Karen McGrath, President.

Next Meeting: TBA

In attendance; Board members Karen McGrath, Randy Reavis, Dan Harrison, Bob Podnar. Jennifer Payne, Association Manager Representing Real Manage. Residents in attendance; Marsha Breaux (Garage Sale Co-Chair), Al Martin(Zoning & Development), Syble Goodwin (Newsletter), Ted Klinker, Rocco Pelosi, Ravi Menon, Mary Ann Adams, Musha-Leah Davis, and Matt Smith.


It was suggested that Jimmy Flannigan, Austin City Councilman Elect, District 6, be invited to a board meeting after he is sworn in. The board is taking that under consideration. Some concerns that were expressed centered around future traffic problems, people speeding, and dogs off leash. It was suggested that speed bumps could be added to Cassandra and Calaveras to slow traffic. Another concern was the grass and weeds in the retention pond area. Jennifer stated that the city now owns that land and they are responsible for the maintenance. She will check with our attorneys for clarification of our sales contract. Other discussions concerned It was stated that the board does not comment on inquiries posted on NextDoor regarding HOA business. Anyone wishing to make comments or express concerns should do so through There was also a concern regarding business being conducted in a residents home causing a traffic problem with cars being parked on the street. ACTION; Jennifer will check into the situation.


Al Martin reported that road work is beginning on the Pearson Ranch Road extension to FM 620. He also told the board that connecting the well located at Parmer & Neenah to the pool is too expensive and not cost effective.


Solar Panel Policy; The board approved having our attorney write the policy.

Pool; The pool will close on the last day of November. It was noted that the pool phone is not working. ACTION; Jennifer will have maintenance check the phone.

Playground Equipment Maintenance; The board is waiting on a second bid.

Security Camera Policy; The board approved asking our attorney to write the policy.

Insurance Claim Status; The HOA received a $1247.00 reimbursement from the recent vandalism.

The Board approved Intelligent Capital Reserve to do an analysis of the HOA’s reserves and future requirements.


The proposed budget was reviewed and will be finalize at the next meeting. HOA dues will not be increased for 2017. The board will be considering a policy regarding private business being conducted on HOA property.

Respectfully submitted

Dan Harrison, Secretary