HOA Board October Minutes

DSHOA Board Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2016

Real Manage Conference Room

9601 Amberglen, Suite 1250

Meeting called to order at 6:01pm, adjourned at 7:39pm by Karen McGrath, President.

Next Meeting: November 15, 2016

In attendance; Board members Karen McGrath, Dan Harrison, Bob Podnar. Jennifer Payne, Association Manager Representing Real Manage. Residents in attendance; Kristina Magaha (Pool/Social Chair), Prashant Gadgil (ARC Chair), Ted Klinker, Joy Warriner, Aatif Nawaz, and Mark Burchfield.


Some residents appeared before the board to express their concerns with the noise coming from Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex. In particular they were concerned with the public address announcer being very loud especially in the early mornings. It was suggested that they contact It was suggested that they need to contact the manager of the complex or Round Rock School District. Traffic problems were also discussed. The board will work with the City of Austin to mitigate the increasing congestion.


Kristina reported that the Halloween Social was set for Oct. 29th from 10:30am until 12:00pm.


Solar Panel Policy; Jennifer will contact our attorneys for their recommendation.

Pool Rules; The board will be discussing changing the age limit.

Playground Equipment Maintenance; The board is seeking additional estimates.

Security Camera Policy; Jennifer will contact our attorneys for their suggestions.

Pool Vandalism; Jennifer is waiting to hear from our insurance company to see if we can recover any of our cost.

Trailhead Park Trash Can Lids; Jennifer order replacements.


Terra Verde Light Pole; Jennifer to get an estimate. We will continue to work with the City of Austin.

Pool Lane Line Storage Covers: The board decided that it was not necessary to replace the covers and ask Jennifer to have maintenance remove the old torn covers.

Dan Harrison, Secretary

Respectfully submitted