September Board Meeting Minutes

DSHOA Board Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2016

Real Manage Conference Room

9601 Amberglen, Suite 1250

Meeting called to order at 5:59pm, adjourned at 7:40pm by Karen McGrath, President.

Next Meeting: October 18, 2016

In attendance; Board members Karen McGrath, Randy Reavis, Dan Harrison, Bob Podnar. Ben Kirby, VP Operations and Jennifer Payne, Association Manager Representing Real Manage. Residents in attendance; Kristina Magaha (Pool/Social Chair), Prashant Gadgil (ARC Chair), Frank Maulit (Website), Mike Harkrider (Grounds/Landscaping), Robert Golla, and Ted Klinker.

Jennifer Payne introduced herself as the new Davis Spring Association Manager, replacing Bill Brooks.


Social: Kristina said the last Social at Morelia’s Mexican Grill was very successful and suggested that we have another one in October. The board agreed and selected Wednesday, October 19th as the date. She also discussed the Halloween Spectacular slated for Oct. 29th.


Solar Panel Policy: Dan to send a copy of Alan Crudden’s recommendations to all board members and Jennifer. These recommendations will be formulated into a policy and sent to our attorneys for review.

Pool Security/Rules: Jennifer was asked to check the status of the police report regarding the recent vandalism at the pool. Rule discussion concerned changing the age limit. It was agreed to make a change for the 2017 season. The minimum age will be discussed at a future Board Meeting.

Trainhead Park Fences: Staining fences was approved.


Terra Verde Monument: At the request of a property owner the board discussed the possibility of placing a monument at Parmer and Terra Verde. The board decided not to consider adding a new monument at this time.

Playground Equipment Maintenance: Bob reported that the playground equipment is in need of maintenance and painting. Jennifer was asked to get estimates for the work.

Other New Business: Postings on NextDoor were discussed. The board will not respond to any postings concerning HOA business. Residents are encouraged to contact the board via Jennifer reported that the pecan tree limb blocking the sidewalk on Neenah will be trimmed on September 21st. Bob informed Jennifer that some of the trash can lids in Trailhead Park are in need of replacing. The board will be working on a policy regarding resident security cameras.

Respectfully submitted,

Dan Harrison, Secretary