April 19, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

DSHOA Board Meeting Minutes

April 19, 2016
Real Manage Conference Room
9601 Amberglen, Suite 1250
Meeting called to order at 5:58PM, adjourned at 8:04PM by Karen McGrath, President.

In attendance; Board members Karen McGrath, Randy Reavis, Dan Harrison, Bob Podnar and Bill Brooks, Real Manage. Residents in attendance; Syble Goodwin (Newsletter), Frank Maulit (Web Site), Prashant Gadgil (ARC), Kristina Magaha (Social), Doug Kuhn, Charley Contreras, Janet Peerg, Mark Hansen, Ted Klinker, Tim Lovaas, and Susan Curp.

The first order of business was to appoint the officers. Karen presented a slate consisting of;

Karen McGrath – President
Randy Reavis – Vice President
Dan Harrison – Secretary
Bob Podnar – Treasurer

Dan moved adoption, Karen seconded and the motion passed without exception.



Doug Kuhn said that he was interested in becoming chairman of the Neighborhood Watch committee but would like more information about the responsibilities. He has contacted the APD Northwest Representative and will be making a decision. There was general discussion regarding DCC&R violation letters being sent during approved landscaping construction and in compliance basketball goals. ACTION; Bill will instruct inspectors regarding our guidelines.



Social; Kristina reported that the Spring Fling was a success (more information can be found at (davisspring.org). She also informed the board that she would like to be appointed as the Pool Committee chairwoman and would help find a replacement for the Social Committee.



ARC Request Process; Discussion centered around delays in the time it takes for a request to get to the ARC committee and be acted upon. It was suggested that a request could be sent directly to the ARC Committee. Bill Brooks stated that Real Manage is required to maintain a log on all request. ACTION; Bill will follow up to see why the delays are occurring and try to correct the situation.



Newsletter Policy; Syble Goodwin (Newsletter Chairperson) questioned the board about whether it was time to end the print edition of the Davis Spring Newsletter. The newsletter is available on the Davis Spring web site and by email delivery. ACTION; The next newsletter will be the last print edition. Syble has agreed to remain as editor.


Tennis Court Renovation; The board approved replacement of the fence netting and resurfacing the court.



Respectfully submitted,

Dan Harrison, Secretary