Pool Committee Report

The pool operates under a “SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK” policy at all times

To obtain a card key to the pool area or a key to the tennis courts call Real Manage at 219-1927. Please remember to take your gate card key with you to the pool area.

The pool will close for the swim season around the end of November; weather permitting, and will reopen around Mid-March of next year.

Pool Update: After much tribulation and suffering, Davis Spring is finally free to operate its pools. Once new construction on the baby pool was completed and the baby pool was operable, we received a routine inspection by the City’s new pool inspector who promptly shut down the baby pool. This action by the city created an avalanche of paperwork and fees for D.S. to submit to obtain additional permits, even though we were told prior to construction none were necessary for the type of construction being performed. The City made numerous demands for documentation; some of which were submitted multiple times, and sent a small army of inspectors to scrutinize the pools, but D.S. complied each time and was finally granted the privilege to operate again.

Shorty thereafter, the City shut down our pools again. This time it was because Real Manage failed to provide the annual fees and documentation to renew our permits to operate the pools. Renewed permits were obtained so D.S. is free to operate its pools for another year. All of these interruptions, of course, are in addition to the short period when the main pool had to be closed due to a very disappointing act of vandalism.

Regretfully, there has not been much opportunity for the neighborhood to enjoy the new water features at the baby pool this summer. The Pool Committee, the Board, and Real Manage extend apologies and look very forward to a more worry free summer next year.

The restrooms should still be accessible through the winter season. If you encounter any problems, please call RealManage at 219-1927or email the pool committee.

Wi-Fi at the pool. The password is “Trailheadpark.”

Emergencies: For observance of any life threatening situation, vandalism, trespassers, or disturbances of any kind at the pool or park area, call 9-1-1 immediately for police assistance.

The Pool Committee Needs A New Chairperson. The pool committee will become vacant at the end of 2015.

Davis Spring’s pool committee needs some new faces and new ideas!