Success Stories

(What we’re doing to make our neighborhood better)

(Suggested content provided by Alan Crudden; it has not been Board approved.)

Well….that’s a great idea!

A business case was presented to our Board showing that we could sink our own well
for landscape irrigation and very quickly recover costs. It worked! Not only that,
but we’re also planning on expanding the system and saving even more money.

Making Neenah Avenue Greener & Safer

While we’re all happy with the recent work on Neenah Avenue in our
neighborhood, we also had to (sadly) say goodbye to a number of trees.
By working with Williamson County Commissioner Terry Cook,
we were able to not just replace those trees but also get more of them
as well as a wider variety. “Thank you!” to the Davis Spring residents
who help make our neighborhood more beautiful each year.

Bike riders (and parents of bike riders) will be happy to see that Commissioner Cook
also made sure we got wide, safe bike lanes. Children biking to our nearby schools
will be much safer because of her work.

New Disc Golf Course Coming Soon

The Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) is in the process of
acquiring the greenbelt space behind the strip shopping center at the
corner of Neenah Avenue and Calaveras Drive. PARD will be maintaining a
nine-hole professionally designed disc golf course — right across from
our own Trailhead Park. Members of the Davis Spring community have
worked with PARD and Austin District 6 Council Member Jimmy Flannigan to
shepherd this along. We hope to see a dedication ceremony soon — thanks to all!

Let’s Play — in our NEW Playscape!

COMING SOON: A brand new playscape will be installed in our Trailhead
Park. Bring your kids by — there’s something for everyone ages 0-12.
(Yes, parents, there’s seating in the shade too.)