Proxy Form

The proxy form authorizes someone else to vote for you on matters relating to the Association. Proxies are important for two reasons. First, you are giving that individual your approval to vote both on elections and resolutions, some of which may affect things such as your dues, homeowner rights, and so forth. Second, some votes require not just an approval of those present at a meeting but a certain percentage of the entire community. If you don’t vote or complete a proxy, you prevent the Association from conducting important business.

You can create a proxy using either of the below methods:

  1. Use the proxy form prepared by the Board;
  2. Complete the below entries and receive a customized proxy form in your email.

REMEMBER: You must sign and date your printed proxy, then either give it to your proxy holder or mail/fax it to our management company.

    Your Name:

    Your Email:

    Your Street Address:

    Your Telephone:

    Name of person who will hold your proxy (vote for you):
    (If left blank, your proxy will be held by the Board President.)

    This proxy shall be valid until: