Playscape Construction

Where we are with replacing the Davis Spring playground:

  • Most importantly, we want your feedback! Like many of us you may have spent hundreds our hours with your kids at the playground. What did they like? What did you like? What have you seen at other playgrounds? Let us know:
  • We currently have 2 bids. There are links to pics from the bids below.
  • Please take a look and take the surveymonkey survey below.
  • We need to look at our finances. The long term reserve study predicted ~$75k for replacement. It’s going to cost more than that. But what is reasonable?


  • We’d like to get a replacement open by the end of school this May/June

Please take the following survey…

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Backup material (extra pics from the bids)

Proposal #1: Harper and Associates:

Proposal #2: All aquatics & Kids Playgrounds

A few last things:

  • Neither company gave us a quote for replacing the fire engine. It looks really dated and should really go, too. What can we replace it with?
  • Most kids age out of our playscape at about 12yrs of age. Is there something we can add for older kids?
  • Unfortunately the pea gravel has to go. It is being replaced with ‘engineered’ wood fiber. We will ask about upgraded surfaces.
  • Do we need an overhead canopy? (like at Champion Park sand pit)
  • Anything we’re forgetting?

Why are we here:

  • The Davis Spring playscape failed a safety inspection in late 2018 and was closed while the safety issues were investigated.
  • The Davis Spring playscape is over 20+ years old.
  • Our last reserve study in 2016 had predicted we would need full replacement in ~2020.
  • It was subsequently recommended that we pursue total replacement now.