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About the 2019 Update

Focus areas for the 2019 update:

  • Improve usability
  • Automate commonly used forms
  • Expand the amount and visibility of content so potential residents can see what our community has to offer
  • Implement a design which makes maintenance easier

Items out of scope for 2019 update:

  • Updates to artwork/graphics
  • Updates to older documents (such as the FAQ) necessary to make them current and/or consistent with this update. Note: This action is left to owners of those documents.
  • Changes which involve altering our procedures.
  • Changes involving actual programming expertise (as opposed to creating/updating web pages)

Development of the 2019 Version

The design was based upon websites of neighboring HOAs as well as several award-winning HOA websites. A prototype was then built to demonstrate the proposed concept. Along with that, a number of new content pages and forms were also created. Over a period of months, reviews were done with a number of residents, our current management company (RealManage), and Board members.

This upgrade represents a major growth and departure from the the past. Information is organized differently and the menu items have changed significantly. In addition, a great deal of automation has been added and content has been expanded. As a result, you’ll see that some forms are still listed as “in work” and some content areas remain to be completed. Please be patient!

Lastly, this version arrives with “placeholders” in several areas. (You’ll notice that some forms are listed as “in work” and some content areas have yet to be complete.) This was done in the interest of getting you, our residents, the immediate benefit of what’s already been done rather than waiting to have every single item completed.

Future Development

At present, there are no firm plans for a future release. There’s already a list of potential enhancements (see below) and you’re welcome to contribute to it. If/When the next release is done, I hope that it’ll follow the same pattern design, prototype, and community involvement that helped so much with this version.

LASTLY, I’d like to thank those who have contributed to the development of this version. You made many great suggestions and your ideas made each things better and better.
— Alan Crudden

Potential Enhancements

  1. Aesthetics: Update pictures
  2. Usability: Make it easier for committees to maintain membership lists & status
  3. Maintenance: Align existing pages with new structure and content (Current pages make references to web pages which no longer exist or give information which is – or should be – stored elsewhere)
  4. Complete the “Projects” link shown under “News & Calendar”
  5. Maintenance: Remove direct links to emails, individual names, company names, phone numbers, etc. and replace with links to “Contacts”. (This makes it easier for when people change jobs/responsibilities
  6. Legal: Resolve lost “liability waiver” for pool pavilion reservation.
  7. Usability: Complete proxy form now listed as “in work”.
  8. Aesthetics: Complete subscribe to email/blog form now listed as “in work”.
  9. Usability: Add online voting for DSHOA elections?
  10. Usability: Automatically subscribe website users to blog.
  11. Automate: Trailhead Park Reservation: automatically check for conflicts with existing reservations (a la Tennis Court Res.)
  12. Usability: Turn “About Us/Maps” and “Site Map” into image maps (click on something in the map – like a school – and open up the link for it)
  13. Maintenance: Resolve conflicts of new design with FAQ and “How Do I”
  14. Communication: In the “News & Calendar” tab, add a link to show the various committee membership lists and status reports.
  15. Maintenance: Replace email addresses specific to RealManage with “”, then have them forward as needed. This is a hedge against future changes and having to go through all our forms/pages and updating each one.