Library – Website

Content – To Be Supplied

– Design document (in work, Alan Crudden)
– Design guidelines
– Info on backup/recovery

Potential Enhancements

  1. Aesthetics: Update pictures
  2. Maintenance: Align existing pages with new structure and content (Current pages make references to web pages which no longer exist or give information which is – or should be – stored elsewhere)
  3. Maintenance: Remove direct links to emails, individual names, company names, phone numbers, etc. and replace with links to “Contacts”.
  4. Legal: Resolve lost “liability waiver” for pool pavilion reservation.
  5. Usability: Add “use/build a proxy form” to requests.
  6. Usability: Add online voting for DSHOA elections?
  7. Usability: Automatically subscribe website users to blog.
  8. Automate: Trailhead Park Reservation: automatically check for conflicts with existing reservations (a la Tennis Court Res.)
  9. Usability: Turn “About Us/Maps” and “Site Map” into image maps (click on something in the map – like a school – and open up the link for it)
  10. Usability: Help/FAQ (non-residents) should we keep it and add more or pitch it? Redundant to “About Us”?
  11. Usability: Route Resident Service Request so that emails are sent to specific people based on nature of the request.
  12. Communication: Pages where committee chairs post membership, status, etc.