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Trailhead Park Parking

See: Trailhead Park Parking Policy

Overnight Parking

Overnight parking on the street in Davis Spring is not permitted. Specifically, section 3.15 of the DCCRs states: “No automobiles or other vehicles may be parked overnight on any roadway within the Property.“

Exceptions: Exceptions can be granted using the Overnight Parking Request. Exceptions are granted only for a limited time and not for ongoing use.

Enforcement: Enforcement is done though our management company which engages an independent 3rd party to look for violations of the parking policy. The 3rd party logs the license plate and make/model of the vehicle and looks up the owner in the DMV database. This information is sent to our management company which then determines which type of violation notice to send.

Appeals: Appeals for a parking violation can be made by completing the Protest Violation.

Violations: The first violation results in a courtesy notice. If the violation occurs a 2nd time, a ‘first notice’ is sent, etc. If you go 6 months without a violation, the timer resets.