Library – Committees

Architectural Review

The ARC chair coordinates with our management company and the Architectural Review Committee, of which the chair is a member, to review homeowner’s architectural change requests.

Children’s Playgroup

Weekly playdates at the park are only one of the ways members stay connected. An online message group, field trips, and occasional Moms’ dinners out allow those neighbors with different schedules and interests to participate too. The playgroup committee also organizes annual Kindergarten Kickoff playdates and parties in spring and late summer to help neighborhood children meet future classmates before they start school and give parents a chance to share information about area schools.

Garage Sale

Davis Spring Fall and Spring garage sales are a great opportunity for residents to empty their attics and garages of unwanted items. The committee picks the dates, advertises in the paper and/or social media, and puts up the garage sale signs at the entrance to Davis Spring.


The common areas of Davis Spring encompass wide open green spaces for perhaps a game of catch or flying a kite. The old oak, pecan, and other trees provide shade on hot summer day. The grounds committee keeps an eye on this resource and coordinates with our management company and the landscaping company to take care of any problems that arise, and/or provides recommendations for the future.


Our little Trailhead Park playground has brought so much happiness to so many little kids over the last 20 years. We want to keep the playground safe. The playground committee keeps an eye on the grounds to alert the neighborhood to any safety issues or equipment breakdowns. They’ve also been known to pick up a wrench or a shovel or a paintbrush to keep the playground fun for the kids.


The pool is overwhelmingly our most used and popular amenity and, as such, elicits many questions from homeowners or just plain has things that break on occasion. The committee coordinates with the pool maintenance company and our management company to get the questions answered and the pool up and running as smoothly as possible. The committee also identifies upgrades such as the relatively new splashpad or new chairs and tables.


The social committee organizes the wonderful events such as the Halloween Spooktacular and 4th of July Parade for the kids, Spring Fling for families and neighbors of all ages, and the Social Hour catered more towards the grown-ups. Please consider volunteering a small portion of your time to help organize our fun neighborhood social events. It only takes as much time as you are willing to commit. If you want to help organize only 1 event or 10 events, that option is available.


The Davis Spring website is our central resource for neighborhood documents, information on committees, the latest news, tennis reservations, and a list of frequently asked questions.


The goal of the committee is to greet every new resident personally with a packet of helpful information and perhaps a plate of cookies. Davis Spring is adding new residents all the time, and the welcoming committee would surely love to have your help to give new residents a warm welcome.

Zoning & Development

Even as Davis Spring has passed its 20th anniversary, a flurry of new development and road construction continues all around us. The zoning committee keeps us apprised of the new activity, may attend related city or county meetings, and offers recommendations to the board for projects that we may want to play a greater role in.