Road Construction

Q: What can you tell me about the Neenah and Pearson Road construction projects?
A: Here are some links to the Williamson County road projects page:
Neenah Avenue Widening
Pearson Ranch Road Neenah Traffic Signal
Parmer Lane

Calaveras pond

Q: Who is responsible for the retention pond at Thatcher/Calaveras?
A: The pond and the surrounding land is owned and cared for by the City of Austin.

Additional facts:

  • Referred to by the city as Pond 442 on Calaveras
  • Mowed by the city quarterly up to a couple feet from the pond
  • Special vegetation care every four months, which includes mowing up to and within the pond area and treatment of the water
  • Tips for calling 311:
    • Refer to Pond 442
    • City will not come out to do additional mowing
    • City will only respond to removal of fallen trees and illegal dumping