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The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (the "Deed Restrictions") for Davis Spring specifies that all improvements as defined in the Deed Restrictions must be approved in writing by the Architectural Review Committee before the improvement begins. To assist in your compliance with this restriction, please make sure this form is completed in its entirety and submit it with your plans and specifications for the proposed improvement.

The plans and specifications to be so submitted will not be considered complete without all the following items (unless waived by the Committee):

  • A plot plan or survey showing the location and dimensions (including elevation) of all existing and proposed improvements.
  • Existing and finished grades shall be shown at Lot corners and at corners of proposed improvements. Lot drainage provisions shall be indicated, as well as cut and fill details, if any appreciable change in the Lot contour is contemplated.
  • The structural design, exterior elevations, exterior materials, colors, textures, and shapes of all improvements shall be described, along with any diagrams or representations necessary to depict all proposed exterior illumination (including location and method), utility connections, and fire protection systems.

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For Deck, Patio, Patio Cover, Arbor, or Playscape

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Temporary Structures, Outbuildings, or Storage Sheds

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(Height: greatest height of outbuilding & support structure as measured from ground)

Exterior and roofing materials consistent with residence: YesNo

Outbuilding will observe setback lines and easements: YesNo

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